Ricky and I are excited to share that we have begun the progress toward our frozen embryo transfer! After waiting 1 month and 1 day we were able to get the good news that we can restart the hormone cycle again. We found out yesterday that we got to restart the cycle today. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that it would be so soon. We feel blessed to have some dates on a calendar, medications arriving via mail-order and doctors appointments in the up coming days and weeks. As long as everything goes as planned our frozen transfer will be on Tuesday March 24, 2015.

We were encouraged by a fellow snowflake family that they had to go through 3 different hormone cycles before their first frozen embryo transfer. I was encouraged to know that other families have had some of the same set-backs and heartaches that we. We were also encouraged to know that in the end their first transfer resulted in a healthy pregnancy. Our biggest prayer is that God will prepare my body for a successful pregnancy.