Ricky and I are thrilled to share that we transferred our last embryo today. One grade B day 6 embryo. The transfer went well and now we wait. Thank you so much for all the texts, phone calls and emails today. Folks shared words of encouragemnet, scripture and songs. It means so much to hvae so many people standing in faith and prayer with us. We have included some photos below. The first photo (left) is the thawed embryo. The second photo (right) is the transferred embyro. You can see a small white bright spot in the center of the images, that is the transferred embryo. There is a larger bright white spot on the bottom left hand corner of the image. That is the scar tissue.

  1. Join in praying for this baby. For it to implant and begin to grow.
  2. Join us in celebrating this opportunity we have been blessed with and believing that God will give us a healthy pregnancy and baby.
  3. Pray for peace during this period of waiting
  4. I have a 20 pound weight lifting restriction. We would ask for specific prayers for Caleb and Isaac. Pray that they would understand why mommy can't "carry them". I can hold them, but I need to be sitting. Honesty this feels like the hardest part. They asked to be "carried" A LOT. I have at least two days home alone with them before the beta pregnancy test.