Ricky and I had our second match yesterday! We were matched with a family in Florida who have 8 2PN embryos (if you want more information on 2PN embryos you can google this term). The matched seemed almost perfect. They wanted a picture of our future child/children once a year :).We had our fertility doctor review the report from the embryologist to ensure that it was a good match and that we had the best chance to be successful. We got a call this afternoon from the fertility clinic that because the embryos were frozen so early (in the first 16-18 hours of conception) that they would need to be successfully thawed and then allowed to mature prior to being implanted. The other barrier to success was that the embryos were “slow frozen”. There is newer technology called vitrification that is now the preferred method of freezing embryos. (Again feel free to google these terms if you want more information on the process) The doctor shared with us the difficult news that they believed only 1 or 2 of the 8 embryos would survive the thaw and then we would have to wait and see if they matured. They felt there was a better match out there for us. We emailed Snowflakes this afternoon and declined this match and shared more about what our fertility doctor recommends for a successful embryo transfer. They recommend day 5 blastocysts that have been frozen using vitrification instead of slow freezing. We have learned so much about IVF and how embryos are frozen.

Thank you for your continued prayers. Ricky and I feel so encouraged that we have been matched for the second time since September 5th! What a huge blessing that things are moving so quickly. We also feel blessed that we were able to make a decision about this match so quickly! We were matched yesterday, able to have our fertility clinic review the information they received only this morning and hear back the same day. We know that God has the right embryos out there for us to adopt and have a part of our family.

Thank you again for your love, support and prayers.

—Angela and Ricky