Ricky and I wanted to update you that we had our first match on Friday! We were matched with a family in Texas that has 4 boys. They had their first two children genetically and then they used an egg donor and had twin boys! They had 7 embryo’s to donate to us (which was more than we ever hoped for). We were thrilled! Then the ups and downs started. We read through the information provided by the adoption agency about the genetic father, the egg donor and the children. One of the twins had needed surgery as an infant so we had some questions about that. The couple we were matched with had some unique personal questions that they wanted us to address, which we did but there continued to be back and forth and it seemed like they wanted the exact perfect answer from us. Ultimately we decided to pass on this match and wait for snowflakes to re-match us. So we are back to waiting.

It is has felt like a long 5 days since our first match and it was not filled with peace. We have a lot of peace in our decision to pass on this match and we are so excited to meet the children God has planned for us.

Thank you for all of your continued prayers and support. There could still be a Pease baby in 2015 :). We will continued to keep you updated.


—Angela and Ricky