I am writing from our couch. Since Ricky is doing strict patrol of “taking it easy”. He already made me lunch and is planning on taking care of dinner. Although strict bedrest is not required. I have attached the picture of our two embryos that they transferred this morning. They thawed our 2 vitrified embryos first, but one did not survive the thaw. They thawed one of the slow frozen embryo’s and it survived beautifully! Both were grade A embryo’s and the embryologist, her name is Amy, seemed very pleased. My labs are right were they want them to be and they found a nice cozy spot to put them today. They use a unique way to calculate our due date and we will learn more about that after the first pregnancy test.

We did not know we were going to get a picture of our embryo’s today and it is simply amazing! They walked us through the cells that will grow to become the baby and the cells that grow to become the placenta. God is so amazing! What an amazing awesome Creator we serve. Ricky and I are praying this is our first picture of our baby(s).

The fertility clinic continues to support my body with medications through the first trimester of pregnancy. We are praying that God has formed a hedge of protection around our precious children and they the can mature and grow and that I can carry them to term! We received many emails and text messages today morning encouraging us. Thank you!

Blessings, Ricky and Angela