Yesterday was the first day of spring! Ricky I had have not updated you this week because we wanted to be 100% sure the transfer was happening on Tuesday as planned. This past Tuesday we had a doctor’s appointment and our doctor saw some fluid on the ultrasound but thought it might be mucus and would go away by adding the progesterone which we started on this past Thursday. She scheduled an ultrasound for this morning to check on things. Unfortunately it was another set back. The fluid was still there :(. She walked us through what she was seeing and explained that the fluid was there last time we were almost ready for the January transfer but that she thought it was related to my high estrogen levels. She further explained that it has been in the same place both times (anatomically speaking). She is concerned because she does not know how it would affect the success of the transfer. The good news is there is a plan.

(Disclosure, I do not know how to explain this without talking about the specific areas of concern, so if you don’t want to know about female reproductive organs feel free to skip this part.)

She wants to do a hysteroscopy. Up until this point she has always done a sinohistogram where you use saline and an abdominal ultrasound to visualize the uterus. I have had three singohistograms in the last year and she has never seen anything concerning. But then we get to this point, within days or weeks of the transfer and the fluid is there. For a hysteroscopy she will go inside the uterus with a scope to get a better view. The down side is, we have to start over, no transfer on Tuesday :(. Some may ask, why not do the hysteroscopy now? We asked that also, and were told we need to wait. The hysteroscopy has to be done on cycle day 5-10. She will fix anything that can be fixed during the hysteroscopy. If she doesn’t see anything that can be fixed we would proceed with the transfer even the fluid would return.

(For those of you heeding the warning of the disclosure. It is now safe to continue reading.)

This process is harder than we ever imagined. Ricky has been coming into the exam room for my ultrasounds to be able to support me and hear the updates from the doctor first hand. Though he is not writing this email our fertility doctor got choked up and gave me several long hugs this morning sharing in our disappointment. It was really a special moment for me. We have built a relationship with her and it is clear she has our best interest at heart and wants to see us succeed and grow our family. Being in medicine helps me, because I would want to understand and fix something unusual like this.

We continue to try to walk in faith and trust that God has a plan. Thank you all so much for your continued prayers and support. Praying to grow our family in God’s timing and for baby Pease in 2016.