Ricky and I just wanted to share where we are in the process. Last week we started the preparation for the frozen embryo transfer. We were surprised to learn our fertility doctor wanted to switch me to IM estrogen. We had not discussed this early in the process so we were a little surprised. I expressed some concerns regarding starting something new so late in the game, but I was assured that they felt this was best. I had my first ultrasound and labs on Monday and things looked good and they were really happy with my labs. So maybe the IM estrogen is doing the trick?

Ricky and I are mostly all packed up and ready for our vacation. We are really looking forward to a few days together to relax together. Tuesday we celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. We feel blessed in so many ways and continue to trust in God’s plan for our lives and our family. We are praying for God to continue to orchestrate the details of our life for His glory. We are also praying if it is in His plan to prepare my body for a successful pregnancy.