Good afternoon,

I had my final ultrasound and labs this morning (Monday July 27, 2015) prior to our transfer. My lining is measuring 1 mm thicker than last week and was looking very uniform. This is really encouraging since in the past there has been an area that does not thicken up due to the scar tissue.

I am still very apprehensive about the transfer and what the results will be, but my heart is so encouraged by how well things are going this time around.

I titled this update round two since this will be our second transfer. The earlier set-backs when we were preparing for transfers were also difficult and took an emotional toll on both Ricky and I but they did not result in a transfer.

I didn't share this last week, but I was encouraged by a fellow snowflake mom (the adoption agency we are using calls the embryo adoption branch Snowflakes and the babies born snowflakes) to try our local Resolve support group. Resolve is a national infertility support group. I attended the July meeting and have gottem plugged into the facebook group where woman asks questions, reach out for support and share updates about their journey with infertiliy.

Since that meeting another Christian woman is trying to organize a book/Bible study for anyone who is interested. So far that are about a dozen women, myself included, interested in the study.

I hope you are still reading, if you are, our transfer is scheduled for 10 AM next Monday 8/3/15 with acupuncture at 9 AM.

Ricky puts all of these updates on our blog Last week I talked to him about adding some pictures! If you haven't checked the blog out lately we added some pictures from the family weddings over the last 9 months, plus a bonus picture from close Pease family friend's wedding in New Hampshire.

So much has happened in our lives since we started this journey, I thought it would be fun to share it :). Since Ricky coded the blog himself it is very "nerdy" and I do not know how to update it myself or I would have already sprinkled pictures with life updates that corresponded with our posts. He has now made it so I can add my own updates!

Thank you to those of you who shared their prayer requests last week! Know that Ricky and I are praying for you. Please continue to share the ways that we can be praying for you.