Ricky and I have been doing well. This past Saturday my sister Anna got married! That was the 3rd wedding in 9 months for my family.

This morning I had an ultrasound, and my lining is the thickest it has ever been at this stage! (I have been told there is no such thing as too thick) I continue to see the acupuncturist as a way to help support the efforts of the fertility clinic. I am going twice a week, so that has been a big time commitment for me the past month. Ricky and I have no idea what the outcome of the next several weeks will hold, but I can tell you we continue to try to walk in faith. We prayed about it and sought wise council and felt that the door to continue in the journey of embryo adoption was still open. As I shared before, I talked to our fertility doctor and shared that we wanted to be parents that I did not need to be pregnant. Her response to that was that she felt that we should try again with our 3 remaining embryos.

I am encouraged by the results of today’s ultrasound but trying to guard by heart. The past 7 months have been filled with ups and downs and the Pease household has had its fair share of disappointment.

Thank you all for your going prayers and support! As we move through this journey we recognize that you have things going on in your lives, how can Ricky and I be praying for you?

Hard to believe that our transfer is scheduled for 2 weeks from today!