Ricky and I wanted to share that we got the most amazing phone call this morning! We are going to be parents!!! YAY!

Our beta test was positive!!!!!! We were both overcome with joy and started to tear up with tears of joy. Our nurse shared that my HCG level is great! Which is so encouraging. This of course is only the beginning of the journey. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS, ENCOURAGEMENT AND SUPPORT!!!!

Please continue to pray for the baby or babies to grow and mature. For God to protect them and that I would be able to carry these little snowflakes to term.

We covet all your prayers for Ricky and I and these precious little ones. We have not been told our due date yet, but using the power of the internet baby Pease should arrive April 2016 (but we will have a more concrete date soon).

We are thrilled beyond words. I feel as those the words in the English dictionary are not sufficient for how we feel. Wonderful, amazing, incredible just do not seem adequate.

The next steps are labs on Saturday and again on Monday to check my HCG level and make sure that it following the expected course.