Ricky and I are thrilled to announce that we are 4 1/2 weeks pregnant! My HCG on Saturday doubled from our initial beta test on Thursday. We had repeat labs again this morning and my HCG doubled again!!!

We were told its all about the rise :).

On Saturday the nurse used the wheel and shared that we are due on 4/21/16.

We have ultrasound at 6 1/2 weeks, Monday August 31st where we will be able to see the "flicker" of the heartbeat and find out how many babies I am carrying.

So far I feel great, I have noticed that I am a little more tired than normal. I napped Saturday and Sunday and if you asked Ricky I am not a good napper unless I'm tired.

We have received countless emails and text messages sharing in our joy and congratulating us. Thank you!

We would welcome your ongoing prayers for our babies (we are going to work on the assumption that we are having twins until proven otherwise). We are praying that God would form a hedge of protection around the babies, that they would continue to grow and that I would be able to carry them to term.

I don't have any appointments at the fertility clinic between now and then! That will feel weird. Pray for peace for Ricky and I that we would trust that our babies are safe and growing.