Ricky and I are thrilled to announce that Caleb Richard and Isaac Henry Pease arrived on 3/24/16.

Ricky and I went to our routine biophysical profile (BPP) ultrasound followed by OB visit Thursday morning 3/24/16.
The boys did great at their BPP at got a 8/8 on their BPPs and the high risk clinic doctor said they would see us Monday and the goal was to stay pregnant for 2 more weeks, to me make it to 38 weeks.
We went to our OB visit immediately after and I could tell right away the vibe was different. The medical assistant was asking questions I had never been asked before and then shared that I had 4 + protein in my urine that day.
For those of you who aren't familiar they check your urine every OB visit during your pregnancy.

The doctor came in and told us he was concerned about the protein in my urine, and that my blood pressure was a little high for me, plus I was 36 weeks pregnant with twins. He told us he wanted me admitted for observation and a 24 urine collection.
We headed downstairs to be admitted.
The nursing staff seemed underwhelmed by my blood pressure and the reason for admission being the protein in my urine.
Our OB discussed his concerns with the high risk clinic doctor who wanted a urine protein/creatinine ratio due.
The high risk clinic doctor wanted to see the ratio less than 300 and mine was approximately 1400!!!
The OB came to share our test results and told us I was getting "sour inside" from the boys and it was time to deliver the babies urgently via c-section.

We received excellent care but the situation was certainly scary for Ricky and I, since the main concern was having a healthy mom.

We were discharged from the hospital Sunday night and survived our first night at home. Ricky's mom Sharon is staying with us a few days and she has been a lifesaver! It is so nice to have an extra set of hands.
The boys followed up at the Pediatrician this afternoon and passed with flying colors. They are starting to gain the weight they lost back, nursing well, and their elevated bilirubin levels are improving!!!
They have another weight check Thursday, our prayer is that they continue to gain weight appropriately.
Ricky is staying home this week which is also great!
The boys are perfect, but of course, we are biased as parents. They each have their own personality which is so fun to discover more of each and everyday.
Thank you so much for all your persistent prayers for our miracle minions.

As a quick update the boys went to the peditrician this morning and both their weights are up! What an answer to prayer.
Caleb weighed 5 lb 8 oz and Isaac weighed 5 b 4 oz.
Another huge answer to prayer is the nursing is going really well and I have plently of milk for the boys. We have even been able to freeze some already :).
We feel beyond blessed.

Angela & Ricky

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