Ricky and I have settled into a nice routine with the boys. We are using the Babywise method and it has been working great for our family! I am back at work part time. During the summer we had a nanny watching the boys while we were both at work. Starting tomorrow they get to have their Nana watch them. We are so happy that family can be with them while we are at work.
It is amazing how fast they grow and change! It feels like yesterday we were bringing them home from the hospital. They are smiling, giggling, rolling over from back to tummy and tummy to back. Caleb has his first tooth! A second tooth is on its way as well so anything and everything goes in his mouth.
Yesterday the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel featured an article on embyro adoption that shared our story. It was an honor to be asked to share our story and bring awareness to embryo adoption. Caleb and Isaac are a tangible reminder of God's faithfullness in our lives and the power of prayer!
We had the pleasure of wokring with RJ Imagery for newborn pictures. They are stunning!
Keeping up with the blog has been hard as a new mom of twins, I am hoping to share a post a few times a month with picutres of the boys.
We have a few favorites right now in the Pease household. The boys love these. This is the boys favorite book, we read it several times a day! The boys spend a lot of time playing in their gym. We got the boys sunglasses, so far they keep them on most of the time :). Now that the boys are teething these are necessary!

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