I have been terrible about updating the blog #twintoddlers. I want to be better. Ricky and I have been praying about what to do with our last embryo. For those of you who have followed our journey from the beginning will reminder that we adopted 6 embryos total through Nightlight Christian Adoptions Snowflakes program. Our first frozen embryo transfer (FET) in May 2015 we had to thaw 3 embryos to implant 2. Our ssecond FET in August 2015 we thawed two embryos and implanted two and that resulted in our twin pregnancy of Caleb and Issac! 3+2=5 which leaves 1 more. We have decided that God entrusted us with 6 embryos and we need to trust Him with our family size and attempt a 3rd child. We are in the middle of our FET cycle for that final embryo. Where are we? What are we doing this time? We are trying to mimic our successful cycle as much as possibe. So that means accupunture for me, mild diet changes and numerous medications for me. Last week Wednesday I had a hysteroscopy (day surgery procedure) due to irregularities on my saline ultrasound the week before. Good news, Dr. Shanti only found scar tissue, no polyps. During te surgery she did our trial embryo transfer and she found an area she likes to place the final embryo. I started the first injectible medication last week. The next steps are 3 more ultrasounds. One next week. One of the week of Christmas and one the week of the New Year. It is always possible that something does not look right, there is fluid, my lining is not thick enough, etc. and the transfer could be canceled. Based on those results we will transfer our final embryo January 9th 2018.

Caleb and Issac will be 21 months on Christmas Eve. Where has time gone? They are so full of life. They both have their own unique personalities. We had our second measurable snowfall of 2017 this past weekend and Caleb and Issac both loved it! Our snowflakes enjoying snow has special signifiance for me. It is a wonderful reminder of how God has been faithful and orchestrated the deatils of our life. I reflect often on coming back to my room after delivering Caleb and Isaac and it was snowing! It makes me think of Noah and the rainbow. Those tangible reminders of His promises. Ricky and I will do our best to update this over the next few weeks. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Holiday Season.

BLessings, Angela