Caleb abd Issac are two! We had the opportunity to celebrate this milestone in their life with some family and it was such a joy. Caleb and Issac are incredible boys. I love that God is in charge of our lives and building our families. I believe that Caleb and Isac are meant to be our chldren. God know that their donor parents would allow them to have life and that we would be their parents.

Some things about Caleb:

  1. He practices until he figures it out or gets it right
  2. He loves oatmeal, yogurt with creamy peanut butter, bananas and chicken nuggets
  3. He loves to climb!

Some things about Isaac:

  1. He loves people!
  2. He is a conversationallist
  3. He eats everything
  4. He loves being outside

Some things about both of them:

  1. They love to read
  2. They love reading their children's Bible's
  3. They love the doughnut holes at church on Sunday
  4. They love Daniel Tiger

The next opportunity to transfer our last remaining embryo and possibly be a family of 5 is April 18, 2018. That is only two weeks from today! Time seems to go at lightening speed with kids. Tomorrow, Thursday I have my first ultrasound. This ultrasound is where they will begin to determine if my body is ready to receive our embryo. Pleae pray! Pray that my lining would be thick. Pray that there would not be fluid. Pray that my hormone levels would be in the correct range. I had to get creative to fit my ultrasound in between patients due to some scheduling challenges. Be praying that my drive to and from work for the ultrasound goes smothly (no traffic, accidents, etc.).