I had my ultrasound yesterday. Good news, my lining looked great. The news the makes us cautiously optimistic is they saw a tiny amount of fluid. A little more good news, our nurse who performed the ultrasound did not seem concerned at all about the fluid. Even better news, I had been previoulsy unable to get into my accupuncturist on Monday, but there was a cancellation and I have an appointment Monday afternoon. These details seem small, but for Ricky and I they are God orchestrating the details of our life. Our next ultrasound is Wednesday April 11th at 11 AM.

So many of you texted or called us in the last day to see how things went. Thank you! We are so blessed to have such a loving supportive community. One of my favorite podcasts is The Happy Hour by Jamie Ivey. In honor of her podcast I am going to add 3 things The Pease Family is loving and what we are reading.

Three things we're loving:

  1. Meatballs! They are a favorite food in our house. A favorite recipe is these Skinnytaste Greek meatballs. The whole family loves meatballs, even Caleb our picky eater.
  2. Ricky and I are loving The Crown on Netflix. Is anyone else watching this? It is SO good!
  3. Ricky is loving the return of baseball season. Go Cubs! We are looking forward to going to the Cubs vs. Braves game next week at Wrigley Field and praying for warmer weather. THe current forecase for game day is low 40s. That will feel cold. I will be in my winter jacket if that is the case. Being warm is important to me.

What we are reading:

  1. Caleb and Isaac have so many favorites. Caleb loves Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site.
  2. They both love their Jesus storybook Bibles
  3. Angela is slowly reading Slow Down by Nicole Nordeman and Artemis