I know many of you were praying for our ultrasound this morning. God moved miracously and there was no fluid! All glory be to God! Ricky and I were expecting one of two outcomes.

  1. There to be fulid and the transfer to be canceled
  2. For everything to look great and to move forward as scheduled on 10/3

We did not expect what happened, a third scenario. There was no fluid! Praise the Lord! However my lining was really thin, 5.4 mm. Last week, if you recall it was 5.8 mm. Dr. Shanti said it really needs to be 6.5 mm or greter to do the transfer. Ideally it would be 7 or 8 mm. The statistics of a successful transfer are very small, almost non-existent with a lining this thin.

We were not expecting this outcome. My sister Erica, who is SO wise and I believe God has given her the gift of discernment shared with me the story of Abraham. Which part you might ask? She felt the Lord laying the story of God promising to make him the father of many nations, yet Sarah, his wife was barren. Then when God told Sarah she would have a son, she laughed. God used Abraham's faith. Sarah conceived and they had Isaac. Then God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. If you are not familiar with the story, you heard that part right, God asked Abraham to kill his only son. God led Abraham and Isaac up a mountain where he was to sacrifice him. God allowed Abraham to place Isaac on the altar, that's right, literally on the altar where Abraham was prepared to kill his only son before God provided a ram to be sacrificed in Isaac's place.

She shared with me that she feels that we, like Abraham are trusing God in faith as we journey up the mountain. Abraham did not know the outcome of his obedience, but he trusted God.

My prayer has been three-fold.

  1. That the fluid would be gone
  2. That God's will would be done in our lives
  3. That God would give us clear direction

God has already moved in ways only He can in healing my body and allowing the fluid to be gone. Now we need Him to move mightly again and to allow my linig to be thick enough for a transfer.

We are going to increase my estrogen to 3x a day and have an ultrasound to check for progress on Sunday.

Like Abraham, we don't know the outcome of Sunday. We are trusting in God's plan for our lives, for the life of this little one. I believe that God has not closed the door yet. I believe He is calling us to take this next step in faith. The first verse of "God of Miracles" says,

Let faith arise in spite of what I see Lord I believe

But help my unbelief

I choose to trust You

No matter what I feel, let faith arise

Let faith arise

For my champion's not dead, He is alive!

Oh, and He already knows my every need

Surely He will come and rescue me

That is what we need. We need all the prayer warriors to stand with us in faith. To pray. To stand in our unbelief; maybe in your unbelief and trust in God with us. To be praying for God to move miracously and thicken my lining. With ths change our transfer would be moved to Friday October 5th.

Thank you for each and everyone one of you who has prayed, encouraged us and come alongside of us. I know for someone of you, you have been praying for years. Thank you!

I have been encouraged to take this journey one step at a time. The next step is increasing my estrogen and Sunday's ultrasound. Beyond that, I don't know, but I think that is OK. Sharon, encouraged me to take this first step and wait on the Lord's timing. I am so grateful for the body of Christ and scripture. They way God has used both to encourage me.

Three things we are loving:

  1. Caleb and Issac are loving chicken nuggets that are shaped like animals
  2. Ellie Holcomb's new children's album, 'Sing: Creation Songs'
  3. Cooler fall weather