Ricky and I wanted to give a quick status update on the planned FET scheduled for 10/3/18. We had a cycle ultrasound (that is during your period) lastd Wednesday. That ultrasound is typically very routine. This time, it was nothing but routine. There was a large abnormality during the ultrasound. The nurses did this ultrasound and thought it was a clot. However, it is in the same location as where the open wound has been since the scar tissue was removed in December 2017. The nurses were concerned. They showed the ultrasound to Dr. Shanti and she was not optimistic. We felt like maybe God was preparing us for a closed door.

We had our day 6 stimulation ultrasound this morning, 9/19/18 (for those of you reading this later). Ricky and I were both prepared to see flud and ultimately make a decision to end our jounrey. That is not what happened. Dr. Shanti and a nurse performed our ultrasound together. There was a small possibility of fulid, but overall things looked good. My linig was 5.8 mm thick and goal for the transfer date is >8 mm. So off to a good start.

Honestly, it a lot to process. How do we feel? Back to cautiously optimistic I guess. As soon as Dr. Shanti left the room Ricky said, "that was more optimistic than I expected". Sunday the YouVersion verse of the day was Psalms 18:30. It reads, "This God - his way is perfect, the word of the LORD proves true; he is a shield for all those who take refuge in him". I have been trying to rest and meditate on that. Our church is doing a 21-day prayer challenge. On day 5 the focus was praying for friends and family who are experiencing physicial pain and for healing. I prayed for myself. The person closet to me who needs physical healing is me. That may sound selfish, but it was a good reminder to pray for things only God can do. I believe with everything in me that if God wants to heal my body and allow this transfer and a successful pregnancy He can. He is God. Scripture is filled with examples where God demonstrated His power through healing.

Ricky and I made the decision not to incorporate accupuncture this time. It was logistically difficlt and making life more stressful. 3 years ago I would have told you accupuncture made the difference for us. Maybe even to go as far as to say that is way we got pregnant. Hindsight is always 20/20, so if I am being honest I was desperate to do ANYTHING that would help us get pregnant. Anything that I could control (accupunture, diet, etc.). That feels foolish now. Believing that accupuncture played a big role minimizes God's role in the pregnancy. It mimizimes what Psalms 18:30 says, his way is perfect.

This has truiy been a faith journey. Each step of the way God has deepend our faith and made us rely on Him more and more. To surrend our will to His will. That is not that easy. Especially when what we want, the desire of our heart, may not be God's wil for you.

We have a ultrasound next Wednesay, 9/26/18 at 8 AM.

  1. Please continue to join us in praying for physical healing.
  2. Join us in praying for God's will in our lives

We are grateful to have such a wonderful community that has come alongside us and encourages us. Even more so we are grateful for your prayers. We believe God answers prayers and we are so grateful that you are praying. We hope this update helps you pray for us more specifically over these next weeks.

Blessings, Angela